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MPPT charger Under a Float Mode

capture-decran-2023-10-11-162446.pngWe have an installation structure containing a MultiPlus II connected to a Victron inverter, an electrical grid, and an MPPT charger. The MPPT charger is coupled to the batteries through a node, and both are connected to the MultiPlus II in the DC input (see the figure).

The battery is fully charged, and the ESS indicates 100%, with a voltage of 55.46 V and a current of 0.0 A.

The MPPT charger is in float mode, with a voltage of 84V, a current of 0.41 A, and a power output of 33 W.

  1. Why isn't the MPPT injecting the maximum power, even though injection is enabled in the settings?

  2. Does the ESS display the actual power values of the battery and MPPT, or does it show the total power from the combination of the MPPT and the battery (meaning, does the ESS consider the battery and the MPPT as a single system)?

  3. Is it normal to have current values on both the positive and negative sides of the MultiPlus's DC input when measuring the current using a clamp ammeter?

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