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3000 / 12v Multiplus Shoe Power Runing Air condition 50 amp service

I have 800 Watts solar panels. 3000watt /12v Multiplus and 3 LifePO4 100 ah batteries.Line 1 (from shore power) goes into Multplus and then goes into the right side of my RV breaker panel of which the circuits I mainly use when boondocking are. Line 2 goes into the left side of my breaker panel and is only used when on shore power, which can be 50a, 30a, or 15.

I have successfully run 15a in and set 10a as my limit in my Color GFX and run the air conditioner till the generator ran out of fuel during my 1st test.

My question relates to settings when on 50a shore power. I am not sure if my issue was a bad surge protector at the shore power or something else but want to check before trying this again.

I went from a week of boondocking to a 50a hookup in the sun at a RV park on Lake Michigan. Heat index was 98 so I pulled in (with almost full charge on batteries) and hooked up to the 50. Set max of 50a on the Color GFX and ran the air conditioning. Ran for 90-120 minutes and all of a sudden shut down. I turned off air conditioning and had to leave. Batteries were now showing about 35% charge. There was some sun left so when I got back after sundown batteries were at 40%. Later I figured out I was not getting any shore power even though (it was off and on via the lcd on my Progressive surge protector). Thinking the 50a shore power may be bad, I used my 30a cable and plugged in and batteries charged up. I have since unplugged and running strictly on solar as weather isn't as cold. My question is 2 fold, when running on 50a shore power, should I limit the amps to 25 or 30? 2. Am I correct in assuming the most probable explanation of my batteries going down to 35% was because the the surge protector shut off the power and I was running the air for a while off the batteries and I was getting 300-400 watts from my panels at the time?

Thanks in advance for advice!

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When you're on 50A shore power, it's best to set the shore current limit to 80% of peak, or 40A. That's still a lot of power, more than enough for your rig and still some power left for charging your batteries, too.

I think you are probably right about the shore supply being rejected at that park. Many parks have unreliable shore connections due to heavy use. Also, your surge protector may be unreliable or too sensitive. Check to see what error code it was showing.

Finally, you say you have a CCGX. If you connect it to VRM, you can review history in the web app. Maybe you already have that set up. If so, go have a look at the history for that day and turn on the graphs and see what the Multiplus shows for its State.

Or you can just wait for your next park and watch it more closely this time.

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