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PV=0 EasySolar II GX 48/5000/70 - 50 MPPT 250/100 low production

We have a installation of 4,4 Kw (10 panels of 440KW). My inverter is EasySolar II GX 48/5000/70 - 50 MPPT 250/100.

Some times the PV drop 0. And never the system has produced 3kw in one hour. Nieghbours with similar installations or smaller produce more than me.

In chart I can see peaks bigger than 4Kw but is very inestable.

I have atached some pictures with the charts

Other problem. It's very noisy.

I need your help, because my provider is not capable to solve the problem.

Thanks a lot

1695051204483.jpg 1695051204477.jpg 1695051204464.jpg 1695051204455.jpg



EasySolar All-in-One
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1695051204455.jpg (415.5 KiB)
1695051204477.jpg (379.3 KiB)
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Does this problem tend to only occur when battery is almost full? If so then that's the problem.

If you have too much solar. ie you have a full battery and you're not using a lot, the system will ramp down it's solar production as there's nowhere for the power to go. If it did not do this the power could overcharge the battery.

This behavior may be being controlled via you battery's management system (BMS). Telling the system to ramp down production to prevent overloading the system. The solar production is likely ramping down (peaking as you say). When it drops below the "full" threshold of the battery/bms and the MPPT turns back on/starts producing power again. I suspect you wont be seeing this behavior when your battery is not full/almost full.

A potential solution if you're able to is to enable exporting of the power if you're able to/have the relevant approvals from your grid provider. You can find this settings within the GX device:

Settings -> ESS -> Grid feed-in: Then you enable DC coupled PV - feed in excess.

And if your grid provider has specified a limit of what you can export you would also put that in.

I suspect this is why your neighbours are generating more. They either are allowed to export and are exporting power when battery is full, or they're using more/all of their solar so the battery is never full so they're not seeing their systems ramp down the production.

The noise i cannot help with.

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The MPPT won't show as off due to full battery, will go to float.
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Please do a couple of things.

Firstly click on show details in the screens above.

Secondly go into the advanced display and give us a screen shot of PV voltage for a day.

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