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Add extra everything to EasySolar II GX

Offgrid EasySolar II GX 48/3000, 12 x320 Wp panels (3s4p) and 8x AGM batteries (4s20) nearly 3 years old. Not enough capture & storage in winter, not enough inverter output in summer (overheats ~2h charging car <2 kW)..

So I would like to add more panels, more battery and more inverter capacity. I prefer not to add more batteries to the same bank, because I hear they will just age three years overnight to match the rest. So my cunning plan is more panels and a Lithium battery all connected to a new solar inverter/charger, which is AC coupled to the EasySolar in micro grid /frequency shifting mode.

It all sounds plausible, but what else needs to be true for this setup to work?



AC PV Coupling
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@Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) you always add a lot of value to questions like these. Do you need more information before you can comment?
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