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Pheonix Vs shore power Vs grounding.


I have contacted victron but I'm not sure on their response times given I do not have a warranty issue.

I've read all possible forum links but still a grey area.

I have a self build camper with solar, DC-DC charge and shore power managed by Victron 100a smart shunt, battery protect and solar controller.

In case shore power isn't 100% safe my 230v consumer unit can be grounded via an earth rod. My 230v consumer unit IS NOT grounded to my van in any way and is completely isolated.

I have just purchased a Pheonix 12/1200.

To keep things simple I had planned to run shore and pheonix power seperately and manually switch devices between power sockets, but......Im sold on the idea of auto switching of shore and pheonix power.

However, advice is very confusing and conflicting as far as grounding is concerned.

Should I keep it simple or is there an absolute solution for safe grounding ??

As if that wasn't enough..... whichever scenario, should grounding be required what size ground cable would that be??

Thank you all in advance for taking the time to read and hopefully connect.


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