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Victron Wallbox - Tesla charging problems


I have Victron Wallbox EVCS, I bought Tesla Y and I have strange issue while charging.
1) In Manual mode: It starts charging, everything's fine. But when I stop charging (no matter on wallbox or car side) and I start charging again, it's stuck. Wallbox claims "Waiting to charge" and when I try start charging on Tesla, Tesla says that command has been recently sent. If I want to continue charging, I have to unplug and plug in Typ2 connector in car again. Then it starts charging.

2) In Auto mode: Very similar scenario. Charging starts OK (when PV battery is charged and there's feed-in into grid), but when it stops charging (because no sun for the moment), it never starts charging again. I have to unplug and plug in charging connector.

Same Tesla Y car works fine on other wallboxes, I can stop and start charging many times without any issue. Also other car (tested on BMW i3) works fine with Victron EVCS.

I did CP calibration, it didn't help. All firmwares (Victron, Tesla) are up to date.

Does anyone has Victron EVCS and Tesla car? Do you have same behaviour?

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Hi, the whole development of the EVCS was made while testing on my Tesla. Everything works fine, it's even configured to unlock the charging port on the car side when pressing STOP on the EVCS. Try to calibrate the EVCS again, with the vehicle connected but not charging. If it still doesn't work, please contact me and I can have a look remotely.
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I have the same behaviour, thanks for posting the solution, I will try.
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Thank you for your answer.

I guess I have found the core of the problem. The problem is in option "Contactor active when charge". I have disabled it and now I can stop charging (on car's side or wallbox's side) and start charging again without re-plugging charging cable. Probably Tesla does not handle correctly the stopped state with a voltage on cable after stopping charging.

BTW, automatic unlocking charging port on car still does not work when stopped (tested on stopping on car side and wallbox touch screen). Still have to click on "Unlock port" in Tesla app (or in car).

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it's working if the car is unlocked
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