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Network total power

Just added a smart solar 100/30 to accommodate a new ground array for my camper. Existing roof array is on a blue solar 100/30 with latest Bluetooth dongle. Bmv712 and both controllers are on same network. Both controllers have same battery settings. Battery voltage is synchronized between BMV and both controllers. Both controllers switched to absorption and float at the same time so I know they are communicating. However, I expected to see the “Total network power” in victron connect. When I open the smart solar in victron connect, the Total power line has flashed on for just a second on a couple of occasions but does not return. I have reset everything without fixing the problem. The only thing I note is that smart solar says it is receiving battery voltage and current from BMV while older controller only says it’s receiving battery voltage. Should this feature work with these two different charge controllers or not. Thanks in advance.

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