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CEREBRO GX & Venus PI issue? Linux ipad etc.

I have a new system with cerebro gx but no display other than the unit and phones. I have the lan but only limited details with linux as the app for linux doesnt work on manjaro. I have a spare rasp pi 3b with Venus os but my installer was concerned with it being on the system, should it be ok? is there an easier way as would like to have a 10" plus sized screen so family can see and adjust energy needs. Have an old ipad/android phones but the former is not supported the latter too small. is the hdmi port on the cerebro usable for display if vrm/via venus is an issue?

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Hi @Andrew

When you say the app is not supported on Manjaro, what app are you referring to?

To access Cerbo GX device you can do this via a browser via internal IP (or venus.local i believe). I would have thought that should work regardless of OS. Unless your browser/hardware can't handle the loading of that page.

To view historic data you would need to login to VRM (cloud) or setup the grafana docker container or build a local way to store the data.

In regards to reliability of running venus os on pi rather than cerbo gx. I believe it's advised that it's not used on client installations (as there's a risk something goes wrong/isn't configured right). However if you know what you're doing it would be fine (I run my house solar system on a pi).

The HDMI port on the cerbo gx I believe is also an option to plug into a display (however that would be for viewing rather than editing settings).

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