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CCGX with Bluenova LiFePO4 batteries and multiple ET112

My Synapse 4.0+ hybrid inverters do not have any reporting options (unfortunately), so I am considering buying a CCGX. I have 2 Blue Nova LiFePO4 batteries and have found this document ( that explains I can connect the CCGX to my 2 Blue nova LiFePO4 batteries. I am also thinking of buying 3 ET112 meters so that I can see how much I import from the net, how much my PV array produces and how much is going to/from the batteries. These are my questions:

- what is the information from the batteries that I will be able to see on the monitor? I have not had a reaction from Blue Nova yet

- is the ET112 the correct choice to measure the PV production and the battery usage? I think not, because they have different voltage? See attached 2 options: which one is the correct way to connect them?

- how many ET112's can I connect to the CCGX with the RS485 to USB cables? Do I need to connect them in parallel or are there 3 USB plug points?



CCGX Color Control
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Rob Duthie answered ·

Hi Baz

They won't work on DC as in option 1, option 2 will work but you can only use 2 in parallel per USB to RS485 port. i have had 3 running on a Raspi Venus system OK. 2 in parallel and one on a RS485-USB wireless link.

Below links for RS485-USB cables these work perfectly Ok no issues at all.

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Hi Rob, thanks for the info. Do I understand you correctly that I must install 2 ET112's in parallel on one USB port and the third one on the second USB port (I believe the CCGX has 2 ports?).

Also: what cables do I use to connect the battery to the CCGX? Blue Nova confirmed that their side is RJ45, but what does the cable look like on the CCGS side? I found this, not sure if this is the right one:


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Rob Duthie avatar image Rob Duthie basz commented ·

Hi BasZ

That's is correct for the USB ports configuration.

Information from Victron's site about Blue nova

An RJ45 cable is supplied with each BlueNova battery.

Plug the CCGX side of that cable into one of the VE.Can sockets on the back of the CCGX. Plug the other end into the battery. Then, plug a VE.Can terminator in the other VE.Can socket on the CCGX. Two VE.Can terminators are included with the package of the CCGX as an accessory – only one is used. Keep the other one as a spare. Without properly connecting this cable, the battery will stop charging/discharging after several minutes. Also, the battery will not show up on the display of the CCGX.

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Murray van Graan answered ·

When connecting the Bluenova battery to a color control you’d be able to see state of charge, current, voltage and state of health. You’d also be able to see any alarm conditions, and the battery charge/discharge current and voltage parameters. see this screenshot

As far as I know you can’t connect multiple ET112 meters on a color control, further to that these energy meters only monitor AC and not DC.

Rather look at the ET340, which can be used to monitor two different AC sources, like power from an inverter and grid import.

In the ideal world, you’d end up with a Victron Multi or Quattro with MPPT or AC coupled solution, to be able to fully utilize the capabilities of the color control and VRM

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Thanks Murraynated. Do you think it would be possible to combine a ET340 and a ET112 (I need to monitor 3 kWh values)? And I found this article mentioning the use of multiple ET112's.

It mentions the following

4. Multiple ET112 Meters in one system

To connect multiple Energy Meters, wire each meter to a separate RS485-USB converter. Which are then each plugged into a separate USB socket on the CCGX. See NOTE 1 Below

Connecting multiple ET112 meters to the same RS485-USB cable is not possible: the ET112 meter has no display and its Modbus address can therefor not be changed.

Any thoughts on this?

Many thanks

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