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Venus OS v2.32~2 available for testing

Dear all,

Just now, we released beta version v2.32~2 for testing. See below for the changes.

For information on how to join, or leave, the Venus OS beta testing program, as well as other information about it, see this document.

In case you see any issues or bugs, please post below as an answer or comment. Thank you!

Changes compared to v2.31:

  • Fix CCGX causing VE.Bus communication errors, such as Error 17. Also it can cause a false Error 24, which is normally not related to communication. To be affected by this issue, the system must have a CCGX, with part number BPP010300100R. Also recognisable by the country of origin: Hungary. All other CCGX part numbers, made in China and India, are not affected.

    We started shipping the affected model in 2017. And since early 2019 we're only shipping the affected units: by that time there was no more stock of the older units in any of our warehouses. The CCGX as used in some EasySolar models is not affected.

    The issue was that that version CCGX transmitted on the VE.Bus network even when it should not. Causing collisions, ie. errors in the communication. More units in a system (three phase, and then especially with parallel units also) means that its more sensitive to this issue. Single system units are very unlikely to be affected by it; I've not yet seen that once.

    Thank you to all people that have reported and helped to fix this.
  • Fix the System Setup -> DVCC -> Charge current setting not working, if the Venus booted while there is no PV on systems with normal batteries. Systems with intelligent can-bus connected batteries are not affected by the bug. Thank you @John Hagtharp for all your effort in getting this fixed. This issue was introduced in v2.30
  • Fix the ModbusTCP register for the PV Inverter serial number(s) no longer working. The recently introduced 32-bit energy registers for PV-inverters overlapped with the serial number registers. This is fixed by moving the new energy registers from 1040 to 1046. The issue was introduced in v2.31.

Should you now go and install the v2.32~2, which is a beta version, on all CCGX systems you installed recently, to prevent Error 17 and other issues? No.

I recommend to do that only for systems that have issues. For systems not having issues, I strongly recommend to wait until this version is made available officially. As always, beta versions are not at all intended to run on production systems.

If you do choose to install this beta version, make sure to set the system back to update to official releases. Don’t leave it configured to auto-update to beta software.

Best regards, Matthijs

Venus OS
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pracman answered ·

Loaded the beta yesterday. No errors and most importantly everything works as it should. Tested on and off grid with batteries and grid only as it was night and no Solar PV input at all.

Thank you. @Matthijs

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Thank you!

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pracman avatar image pracman mvader (Victron Energy) ♦♦ commented ·

I may have found a issue with it this morning. I am not sure yet. Start up load in my building can be a little high and I wanted to test for grid outages at the worst possible time. I turned on the entire building and saw load increase to about 8500w. Turned off grid and it all worked for 10 minutes. Power shut off then recovered. Then the both Victrons and Controller shut off. Victron Logs are not showing the load which would be helpful (or I cannot find it). Only report in log at time is LOW BATTERY which is not correct. Going over my battery logs now.

Load at time was still high and I did note a staff member came in and put the kettle on.

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mvader (Victron Energy) avatar image mvader (Victron Energy) ♦♦ pracman commented ·

Hi Pracman, I’ll be locking down this issue now, since there is a newer one.

if you do see anything, please make a separate post or question.

Thanks! Matthijs

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