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BlueSolar MPPT 150/35

My solar charger is connected to 2x2x260W panels (120 cells in series, two parallels). Battery is LiFePo4 60Ah. Victron inverter 1200VA is connected to the same battery. What I noticed is different than before the firmware upgrades is that power displayed in Victron connect is now up to 600W. In history I see that Pmax is recorded up to 900+ watts sometimes but I never see this is STATUS panel of Victron connect app.

Now for instance, with full insolation, clear day, it displays 570W (inverter is draining the battery while charger is in bulk mode). I remember last year it was normal to see figures like 800 or 900W during the sunny day. Why is it now finding better power point? It produced 1275kwh so far (this is in about a year and a half). I checked panels, connectors, fuses, diodes, all seemed ok. Firmware is version 1.39. Charging current limit is set to 35A.

Is it possible to downgrade and test the carger with old firmware to verify if this was introduced with latest firmware?

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You don't say what the battery voltage is?

For practical purposes a 150/35 Mppt will be limited to 500 watts for a 12v battery, or 1000 watts for a 24v battery, etc.

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mentioning all the technical stuff, it slipped my mind telling that the battery is 48V and so is inverter. Entire system is 48V.

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Again, today: battery is 50%, inverter is vorking, MPPT gives out only 10W while the sun is fully shining on the panels and the battery is capable of receiving up to 35A. Yesterday charger delivered aroung 4kwh.

Data from victron connect:


Voltage: 64.92V


Battery: 52,39V

Current: 0.2A

State: Bulk

Virtual load output: State: OFF

Why, oh why?

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Is this MPPT on a VEBus network, i.e. with a CCGX or Venus GX device?

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