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J34A to J34A1 When in the Water?

I am installing an Auto Isolation Transformer with 120 V input and output. The manual is unclear what to do with J34A and J34A1, which are immediately right of the input terminals. Do I use a jumper to connect J34A with J34A1 when the boat is sitting in the water?

When out of the water, do I connect J34A with J34?

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More information would be needed - your reference to J34A etc is obscure.

In general, Whether in or out of the water, the isolation should be in place.

Shore side earth should not be connected to the boat system earth. If you have a steel hull, then when out of the water, it may be needed to bond the hull to a local ground stake - not to the distribution earth.

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Thank you for lending a hand. I understand that the Shore earth and boat earth should not be connected while in the water, but when out of the water, I need to connect Input PE with output PE @J34 over by the output terminals. The confusion I have is on the input side, with J34A and J34A1.

3600 W auto transformer, Model #: ITR050362041

Page 5 (section 3.2) of this online manual shows the J34A and J34A1 next to the Input terminals, but gives no clear direction regarding whether or not they should be connected.

Page 7 of the printed manual (dated Feb 2012) that shipped with my auto transformer mentions that the input PE must be connected with J34A, but does not mention J34A1.


What I am asking is, while in the water, do I need to connect J34A with J34A1?

Attached is a picture of the device that I have, showing J34A and J34A1.


Thank you again for your help.

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I solve the issue.

PEin has continuity with J34A

PEout has continuity with J34

J34A1 has no continuity

It appears as if J34A1 is a "park" jumper pin so one can "park" one end of the "on land" jumper when you are afloat. In other words, when you are on land, connect the 6" green/yellow jumper between J34A and J34. When in the water, disconnect that jumper from J34 and "park" that end on jumper pin labeled J34A1.

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