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After Scheduled Charging Multiplus pushes to the grid


MUltiplus 2 - 2 x 5kva units in parallel

LiFePO4 cells with no canbus connection

Scheduled charging ends at 0530

Just recently after scheduled charging has finished my Multiplus starts pushing to the Grid at up to 3kw. The house loads at this point are low.

The inverter continues to feed the grid until the coffee machine comes on at 0600. Once it seems a load on the house it suddenly starts working again.

Also, swapping to ‘keep batteries charged’ back to optimised without battery life’ has the same effect.

I’ve recently tried stopping on a SoC (85%) however once the batteries are up to 85% the power is used and pushed to the grid until SoC reaches 80% then starts charging again. And so it continues to cycle.

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