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Bug Venus OS 3.0 Color GX Feed in Grid

I have a problem since i have upgraded my Color GX from 2.94 to 3.00 firmware.

The ESS does not respect the "no feed in excess" option. Now when my batteries are full, ESS doesn't regulate the MPPT to not feed in grid. It continues to get full power from MPPT and so feed excess to the grid. I have no problems with 2.94 firmware, it appears with the 3.0 version.

I found a solution by enabling "feed in excess" on AC and DC and setting "limit system feed-in" at 0W but the absorption sequence seems very strange.

My config :

Multiplus II, MPPT Ve Direct, BMV712, BMS Ve BUS, COLOR GX, Smart lithium Victron Batteries, SMA Sunny Boy 2.0 on ACOut 1.

ESSVenus OSfeed-in limit
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