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Programing Multiple with VE Bus BMS using Victron Connect and getting inverter alarm

I am trying to get my Multiplus 12/2000/80-50 (new model) up and running and to work with the VE Bus BMS without showing the solid red inverter/charger alarm. The manual states the inverter is switched off due to one of the following: overload, or battery voltage low, or inverter temperature high, or DC ripple voltage too high.

I programed the Multi as per the blog posts and videos by PKYS and Vanlife Outfitters using Victron Connect and a Mac.

When the VE Bus BMS is on it shows the blue led lights that it is enabled and that cells are greater that 2.8v.

The (2) 200a Victron Smart Lithium 12.8v batteries show ready for use, voltage 13.47v, cell status balanced, individual cells of 3.37v, 3.36v, 3.37v, 3.37v.

When the VE BMS is connected to the Multi via the RJ45UTP communication cable the Multi will show the solid red alarm both when the VE Bus BMS is powered on and or powered off.

When the Multi is turned on without being connected to the VE Bus BMS it appears to function properly. All led lights flash on. Solid green inverter led comes on and then if connected to shore power the solid yellow charge led comes on.

But when the Multi is connected to the VE Bus BMS via the RJ45 cable the solid red alarm will again come on and stay on.

I am wondering if I need a pc with the Victron VE Configure app and to load the VE Buss assistant to the Multi to fix this problem?

Help is always appreciated

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Is all your firmware up to date? what firmware version is is on. (On the inverter and on the bms plus any other system components.)

Which version of the ve bus bms do you have?

This will determine how you need to set it up. There was a fairly recent improvement in firmware where you just ticked a box in ve config and used a profile with an mk3 (so no assistant needed) and then check function after that with some commission steps.

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Hi Thanks for taking the time to reply. I just heard from PKYS and Peter says "Because you are using the older VE Bus BMS you have to install the VE Bus Assistant in programming. Without it you will get red lights and alarms and nothing will work. You have to use VE Configure to program the Assistants." So I have a used pc on order and will give that a try and I will let you know if it works out.

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It took a pc and Victron V Configure to load the VE Bus BMS Assistant to the Multiplus. Now everything is working as should without alarms. Thanks to some help from Peter Kennedy and PKYS.

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