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Venus, VRM, Node-RED - all not working

VRM hasn't connected all afternoon for me. I can't get a remote Console either. I also just noticed Venus is showing as offline by my router.

Unfortunately this means that I can't control my system without being physically present. I have Node-RED code running for example, but can't access it.

Any thoughts on how I might connect? All has worked since install last year.

Is something still going on at Victron to cause this? Why would venus be offline in that case. It's like it doesn't connect to WiFi anymore.

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It happens sometimes. ...router issues, heat issues causing wifi instability, phase of the moon.....

That is why there is an option to re boot on no contact and you can set the interval.

More on #153 here. Scroll down a little way.

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Thanks. Rebooting my Cerbo GX solved the issues. I notice in the doc that watchdog auto-reboot is not recommended with ESS systems (which mine is). Not sure of the risk when grid is down exactly? I'd prefer to be able to control my system, even if it means having a power cut, since it doesn't generally have a connection issue and grid outages are rare.

"Please be careful with enabling this feature on ESS systems: when grid connection is lost, and the GX device reboots, the system can lose power when rebooting takes too long (when grid is present, the Multi's or Quattro's will enter passthru)."

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I have not had an issue yet. I have an ESS system that reboots at least once a day beacuse of connection issues and there is often no grid when it does so.

Some systems with BMS control could possibly have issues. I guess it depends on what you have running.

Components lose comms when the reboot happens, some systems will go into passthrough, as they do when the bms does not send a charge or discharge signal. It is possible the mppts might go into an error state - #67?

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Hi both, I had myself not seen that text before, and we’ll remove it from the manual.

There is nothing to worry about wrt rebooting a GX device and that causing a loss of power somewhere in the system.

I think that it intended to say DVCC in combination with a managed battery (and not ESS, though of course there is overlap). A Multi in such system will indeed go through passthrough (which means it will shut down in case of no grid) eventually; but only after a five minute timeout. Which is more than sufficient.

And after boot up, the GX will only reboot again - in case of no connection to VRM - after a further five minutes. So a prolonged internet outage will not cause continuous boots; also not when the user has set the no contact delay really short.

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Why is it up and down some times for hours

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