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Venus OS v2.31~4 available for testing

Dear all,

Just now we released beta version v2.31~4 for testing. See below for the change. Version 2.31 is a release containing primarily bug fixes, and is planned to be released quickly.

For information on how to join, or leave, the Venus OS beta testing program, as well as other information about it, see this document.

In case you see any issues or bugs, please post below here as an answer or comment. Thank you!

Changelog of v2.31~4:

  • Fix WiFi not always automatically reconnecting when the gui was left in the WiFi menu: when in that menu, the GX device continuously scans for WiFi networks; and that prevents the system from automatically reconnecting to a WiFi network that ended up in a Failure state. Now, it will automatically leave that menu after five minutes of inactivity.

Best regards, Matthijs

Ps. previous changes:

change in v2.31~3:

  • Fix DNS resolving issue (which lead to loss of Remote Console & VRM connections), that affected systems where one or more of the DHCP advertised (or manually configured) DNS servers don't work. Normally, the system would then switch to the other working one; and now it -sometimes- did not. For the very interested among you, see here for more details.

changes in v2.31~1 and ~2:

  • Fix digital inputs in Venus GX not working properly (broken in v2.30)
  • Fix summary of scheduled charging missing in the gui (broken in v2.30)
  • Add new MultiPlus-II model names
  • Add ModbusTCP registers , 32-bit registers for PV Inverter Energy measurements
  • Fix Automatic system voltage detection not working properly for systems with a MultiPlus Compact that is switched off & has dipswitch 2 set to On. Thank you at @Suavek for reporting.
Venus OS
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Hallo !

I have a gateway alarm -Boot Type - that is active (from 04:50 this morning). Is this because the firmware has been updated to v2.31 ?

For a while this morning I had no data/graphs showing on my VRM -thay are back now, but I would like to know if the firmware has been updated and that this was the reason for that.

Also, how do I clear the alam?


@Eric Heiberg, if you receive such an alarm, you must have yourself configured an alarm rule on the VRM Portal on the boot type. My advice: don't do that.

Eric Heiberg avatar image Eric Heiberg mvader (Victron Energy) ♦♦ ·


Already deleted the alarm. So all is well and my firmware is updated?


Hi Eric, ok good.

For your other question: I'm sorry, but I don't have time to look into that now. You can check yourself; or contact your dealer for that.

(and the public here doesn't have access to your system, so they can't help you with this).

Didnt see post for rc2.31, since its almost the same...

When i update to this versio from rc2.30..there is no grey box anymore with update text in it...

I’m sorry, but I don’t know what you mean?

v2.31 was released officially; yesterday.

See blog and change log.

Have a good weekend!

Kristof G. avatar image Kristof G. mvader (Victron Energy) ♦♦ ·

When you update...there is no greybox anymore, i thought there was a box with text in it so you know that it is installing...

Or do i have a wrong memory?

( i just reset my steps,from rc2.30 to rc2.31)

I’m not sure. Lets see.

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mvader (Victron Energy) answered ·
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Hi Matthijs,

Just a quick comment - if you go to Settings -> Firmware -> Online updates and press to check for updates, in version 2.30 it says "No new updates are available", but the actual 2.31 update does indeed come up in the next line, and you can update to 2.31. Done this on two Venus GX's, and the updates were successful.

Regards, Steve.

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Paul B answered ·

Cant seem to update the office CCGX unit from 2.31 to 2.31~4

I have tried a difereent site as well and that wont update as well

1560485747733.png (34.6 KiB)
1560485814260.png (32.6 KiB)
1560485860492.png (47.6 KiB)
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Hi Paul, yesterday, you asked the same thing elsewhere, and I explained the answer. Why post it again now here?

v2.31 is officially released.

So the beta builds of it, v2.31~4 for example, are no longer available.

Soon, we’ll start another round of betas, then you’ll be able to install a new ~ version again.

Right now, there is no beta available.

The sequence of numbering is: v2.31~1 -> v2.31~2 -> and so forth. It continuous until all is well, and then we do a official release, remove the ~ postfix in the number; and release it as v2.31.

I hope that explains it. Also @Kristof G.

Mark avatar image Mark ♦ mvader (Victron Energy) ♦♦ ·

Just a suggestion, for those unfamiliar with the process it might help if you remove the big banner at the top advertising it - its still there...

1560498657080.png (17.9 KiB)

Ah good one. Done!

Thank you