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DummypvInverter does not work anymore


I‘m using a Multiplus 24/3000/70-50 with a CCGX in ESS mode for my PB traction battery. I have a PV inverter Kostal Piko 7.0, I‘m using a raspberry pi and FHEM to read parameters like the availialbe solar energy and sent it to the ccgx by using modbus unit 20 and registers 1029, 1033 and 1037.

I had to edit attributes.csv on the ccgx on ssh login, add the pvinverter parameters and set the registers to „w“ writable. To receive the data, I had to start a python script called

This all worked fine using fimware V2.05. I updated to 2.93 recently, and the method above does not work anymore. I adapted to the new phyton version, but the filesystem is mounted read only, so I cannot modify attributes.csv to make the registers writeable.

Is there any alternative way to get data from my piko PV inverter to CCGX?

Thanks and happy Easter from Baiersdorf, Germany


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