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Can I control the Victron Multiplus with a programmable controller ?

Hello everyone,

I hope you're doing well. I'm currently working on a small-scale laboratory prototype of a microgrid. To do this, I've used a photovoltaic emulator with a photovoltaic inverter, a network simulator that simulates the public power grid, as well as the Victron Multiplus with batteries, which is the key element of this prototype. My goal is to implement an intelligent energy management system to control the microgrid. I would like to know if it's possible to control the Victron Multiplus with an external control card to operate it either in charger mode or in inverter mode, depending on the needs of the energy management system. Thank you in advance for your answers and advice.

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Moving this to modifications as you've added the Raspberry Pi tag.

Take a look at the ESS documenting and node red documentation. I think what you need is covered.

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Mode 3 would probably be what you want.

Never tried it but it should give you full control over the device as I understand it.

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If your microgrid is an island, you are essentially operating in an off grid mode, and ESS possibly won't help.

By the description of your setup, the pv inverter is ac coupled to the load side of the multi, so the multi is the grid forming node. This means that is will automatically charge the battery when there is excess energy in the load side - or in your microgrid simulation, the "public grid". You won't need to manually / externally switch the inverter to charge mode. Additionally in charge mode, the inverter is expecting ac input from the AC IN connection, and ceases to be grid forming. In situations when the battery is low, the multi has a relay that can be used to "start a generator" connected to AC in. When the AC in is stable, and the frequency & phase matched to the load side, the inverter will also automatically change into charge mode. You can use the output of this relay to control a small contactor to connect external AC to the multi if you need to simulate generator use. If your generator start comes from the BMS, or the Pi, then the multi will also automatically sense the presence of AC in, and switch to charge mode. External control is again not necessary.

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