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Cyrix-Li-ct or Buck Boost in an electric car?

Can I use a Cyrix-Li-ct to charge an additional battery from an electric car/van? Or should I use a Buck Boost?

I've read that in recent cars with a smart alternator you must use a Buck Boost instead of a Cyrix-Li-ct. If I understand correctly it's because these alternators do not provide a constant voltage ( Is that the only reason?

But in an electric car there's no alternator. Instead there's a DC-DC converter that charges the 12 V service battery from the ~400 V traction battery. And this converter seems to provide a constant voltage when the engine is started (about 14.5 V).

So can I use Cyrix-Li-ct here? The price difference between the two items is huge (80 € vs 1280 € for 100 A).

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