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Venus started to indicate strange battery voltage (system) after OS automatic update to v2.30

My Venus was auto updated this night at 4:10. After several minutes indicated battery voltage (system) dropped from 13V to around 4V. Moreover, the logging interval has decreased suddenly as you can see in the picture. This Venus is powered by this battery so it should have been switched off due to not enough voltage, but it's still working.

I've checked voltage measured by Smart Solar MPPT 75/15 which is connected both to Venus and the same (the only one in the system) batter and it shows the voltage above 12V and the system seems to be still working - the solar panels charge the battery.

How to fix it?

The logging interval is set to 15 minutes.

Venus OS
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jeroen answered ·

Are you willing to enable remote support so we can have a look at it?

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Yes, indeed the Multi has firmware version 154.. I'd like to enable DVCC but I can't due to old Multi's firmware. Please look at it. The Multi is switched of since a few days so I'm not sure whether it has any i fluence on system battery voltage.

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Have you configured something? Since this afternoon indicated system battery voltage returned to reasonable levels (13V).

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(I deleted the last thread of comments, to be replaced by this one)

thanks @Suavek; an issue was found and solved. And already installed on your system last week; but that wasn't made clear to Jeroen; hence the confusion.

Just now I briefly reverted your system to a clean install of v2.30; to see the problem happening with my own eyes (it happened). And then updated it to v2.31~2, to see if the fix works (it works).

So now, all is fine in your system again, its running v2.31~2 that has the fix. As soon as we release that officially, as v2.31 without the ~ number; you can install that.

Details on the problem:
The issue is that a Multi Compact, with that version installed, and switched off, and perhaps also a certain dip switch configured in a certain way, reports a measured battery voltage of 0V. Rather than reporting no battery voltage at all.

The fix in place now is that Venus OS ignores voltages from Multis that are switched off.

If you zoom in far enough in VRM; you can also see that its not saying 4V; but rather jumping up and down all the time between 0V and 13V.

Thanks for reporting this issue! Matthijs

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Thank you :)

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Murray van Graan answered ·

It could be that your inverter firmware is old. If you have DVCC enabled, disable it and see what it does. If that fixes it, you’ll need to update inverter firmware

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No that is not it, DVVC is disabled. It is older firmware, 154.

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