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Using Cyrix Li-Charge to turn off MPPTs

Hello, my dealer had installed a Cyrix LI Charge that would disconnect the MPPTs in case the cells get overcharged.

I currently have a problem that one of my batteries is not balancing. (one of the cells gets too high). So the Cyrix turns off the MPPTS while they are active. And then they don't get turned on. Here are my questions:

1. From what I understand, it is not good to disconnect the batteries, while the MPPTs are active, and yet, that's exactly what the Ciryx is doing. Is this ok, or will it damage the Solar / MPPTs? How true is it that you should always have a battery connected to MPPT while it is producing.

2. If the battery is disconnected from the MPPT using the Cyrix, then within 10 or so seconds, the output voltage on MPPT becomes 16.4 volts (I have Victron smart 100/30 mppts). So Cyrix doesn't turn them back on, because it considers that the voltage is too high. (at least that's what I read in some of the posts).

3. I am having a horrible time contacting my dealer / installed that installed my system. So I dont know who to talk to about this problem

Please advise.

Thank you in advance

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