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MPPT shutting down with virtual network.

Dealer/Installer from New Zealand.

We install a lot of systems with two MPPT's 100/30's and 100/50 SmartSolar are most common.

We have had 2 instalations in recent times where the MPPT's have stopped generating and stayed off until the customer became aware, in both cases as soon as the Virtual Network was disabled, the MPPT's fired up.

Both systems had been running faultlessly for weeks in one case months in the other.

Both were with Smart Shunt.

Interested to hear if others have had this issue?

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There has been a handful of reports of mppt's disabling charge due to erroneous low temperature readings, with Smart Networked systems.

Some times the SmartShunt did not have a temp sensor fitted. Set Aux input to "none" for such systems.

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