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MultiPlus II temperature sensor

Does the MultiPlus II 48/3000 ship with a temperature sensor as stated in the manual? My unit did not ship with one but I am not sure where it would connect because the connections also differ from the manual. If it does not connect to the inverter will I be able to connect a temperature sensor to my venus gx unit and is it advisable to do so?

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It depends which version of MultiPlusII you have.

The old one (with M6 battery terminals) does not (according to the manual) come with a sensor nor does it have a position to connect it. The manual states that a VE.Bus smart dongle should be used for temperature measurements.

Manual for old MPII:

The new one (with M8 battery terminals) does (according to the manual) ship with a sensor and has a terminal block to connect it up to.

Manual for new MPII:

The temperature sensor to be used with the Venus GX is this one:
Part number: ASS000001000

Note: You do not get temperature compensated charging when the temperature sensor is connected to the Venus GX, it is for temperature monitoring purposes only.

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Thank you WKirby for the information. So I have the old MPII then. Not nice to find that out that it is the old version that I purchased 3 weeks ago.

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Is it important to get temperature compensated charge? How does it work with the older Multiplus units that need the additional Ve bus smart dongle? Will you be getting the temperature compensated charge with it added or is there a temp sensor also needed additional?

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Yes, I think temperature compensated charging is important. It can prevent thermal runaway events when charging lead acid batteries especially when the ambient temperature goes up.

The VE.Bus smart dongle does do temperature compensated charging for the old MPII.

2.2.5 Battery voltage and temperature compensation
Can be implemented with the VE.Bus Smart dongle (optional).

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Will it still work if I have a Venus GX connected as well? I thought that the Venus GX will overide the Temp sensor reading of the VE.BUS smart dongle? Is the VE.Bus smart dongle not just if you have a standalone MPII? Will the BMV702 with the extra temperature sensor not be an option then?

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