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Is Quattro compatible with Skylla?

Is Quattro compatible with Skylla? Everything is connected to Cerbo GX. I need to charge batteries using a generator. So logically it seems that I need to connect the generator to AC IN1 of Quattro and Skylla chargers to AC OUT2.

I need Quattro to limit AC IN1 (generator) and dynamically change AC current of Skylla.

Ex. I have a 10kw genset, 5k Quattro (120A charging) and 2x Skylla 100A.

Quattro and chargers can charge all together at 320A of aprox 100% load of the genset.

I want to run the genset and when it's running I want Quattro to take AC from it while still charging batteries by itself and Skylla chargers.

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The Skylla chargers have no digital communications, so dynamic setting of current is limited to the remote control input voltage. if the AC generator current of the Quatro exceeds the generator set point, then it will turn down it's internal charger, but there is no mechanism for controlling the Skylla. If the Skylla is charging the same battery bank as the Quatro, then you could set a lower charge voltage for the Skylla, so it reduces its charge current first. However, if the combined AC load plus Skylla chargers exceed the generator current and you have power assist enabled, then the Quatro will start inverting to provide additional ac power. This is not a desirable situation, so you would need to add some custom hardware to control the skylla charger(s) through the remote input.

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Skylla-i 24/100 DOES HAVE a digital communication and I can limit AC current of all my 3 Skylla chargers using Cerbo GX. I just need to set it once and all chargers follow the limit.

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