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Victron 3 Phase 15Kva Quattros with Fronius 27 eco on AC output HOW DO I USE 1PHASE GEN ON SYSTEM

Hey guys i really need some expert advise here

I have got 2 clients

3 x 15Kva Quattros in 3.Phase

1 x 27 Kva Fronius Eco AC coupled

2 x 450/100 Mppts

In South Africa with Loadshedding and line fees

we opted to shift to Utility Prepaid 50 Amp 1 Phase as this is all that is avaliable on prepaid

AS we have had multiple systems before we use 1phase input as backup with 3 phase system we add the 1 phase input on inverter 1 as a Generator and this closes a contactor this works fine if there is not a fronius in the system and only MPPTs but if we try to do the programming with a 3 phase fronius it takes off the PV assistant (my idea was to use the contactor to switch to grid 1 phase but also kick out the fronius for the time to charge the system

I know i can add a additional charger or inverter to do this but its expensive so i need this to work

Any ideas or anyone that has done this please assist

@Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) if there is somebody that can help me it is probably you or @mvader (Victron Energy)

Thanx in advance

Werner Lombaard


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