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problem with cyrix-CT 12-24 120a

Hi, i'm in a boat 12v, and I have a cyrix between the service batterie and the motor batteries.

The alternator charge the motor batteries,

then the service thanks to cyrix-ct 12-24 120.

We put the regulator of the solar panel to the services batterie. I was thinking that maybe it'll not go the motor, but now we tested, and when it's charging, all the batteries have the same voltage.

Last day, when we were pre-eating the motor, we saw 9A down on the services batterie... The thing is our service batterie is 22OA AGM, and the motor is 11OA acid normal.

So we are wondering if we are getting ours batteries in trouble going on with that... ?

Is the Cyrix rotten ?

Or if we sould put the solar panel regulator also on the motor batterie and charge the services trough the Cyrix... ?

There is the electrical scheme of the boat

Thanks for the answers

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