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Smaart Solar passing through Voltage but littl Current

I disconected my battery for an hour to clean terminals but when i reconected and turned on Battery then PV array i noticed batteries were not charging , . Used Bluetooth to see what was hapening and im getting the normal 94 volts but only between 10 and 30 watts instad f the normal 500 - 1400 i get in Bulk

I have tried turnng PV array and Batteries on anf of several times and al that hapens is that all three lights flash quickly once then Bulk light comes on but still only normal Voltage and little power .

I am assuming its the MPPT rather than the panels but until the expected input from th panels is less than 20 amps i cant chack that .

I have a seriuse breathing problem and have to use an oxygen generator and it only lasts 3 hours on is batteries so i nee do sort this out as quickly as i can so any assistance would be very much appreciated .

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Check that the mppt has not detected the battery voltage incorrectly on reconnect.

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Voltages are all correct and MPPT knws its 24 volt system but i did notice when MPPT was powered up all the LEDs flashed for a second as they should then Bulk one stayed lit as it should and when it went dark and no input current at al it flashed every 3 seconds , that was an hour ago , there are no LEDs lit at all now but there is the same voltage at its terminals as the battery terminals . Ths MPPT has also now dissapeared from VRM , its been there and showinf the small input current , i can also no longer access it with Victron Connect , its not showing there either . Now im concerned t could have damaged my panels and that why i was getting very little from them for the last few hours when should have been 100 times more .

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