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custom mppt charging advice needed


I have a pair of Leoch 130 AGM batteries

I would like to set the correct settings in the Smart MPPT solar control 150/45 to match the datasheet for the batteries.

But I don't quite understand how to set this up correctly with the Victron Connect app settings.

The datasheet has

Cycle Use - Initial Charging Current less than 27.0A.Voltage 14.4V~15.0V at 25 C(77 F) Temp. Coefficient -30mV/0C
Standby Use - No limit on Initial Charging Current. Voltage 13.5V~13.8V at 25 C(77 F)Temp. Coefficient -20mV/ C

My guess is the Cycle usage is Absorb and the standby use is float? They seem to have different temp coefficient and there seems to be only 1 option on the controller.

So whats boost?

It also has ~15V so assuming they will accept up to that and that can be my max absorb setting?

I've only just installed it but don't want to set anything up that will dmg the batteries.

I have 650W (2 x 325W in series) so it will get up to the 45Amp charger current if the batteries are needing it and the sun is out midday im expecting,

The spec sheet:

charge mode

A: With switch regulator (two-step controller) charge on curve max.charge voltage for max.2 hrs/day then switch over to continous charge

B: Standard charge without switching

C: Boost charge (Equalizing charge with external generator) charge on curve continous charge for max. 5 hrs/month, then switch over to curve Standard charge

But I haven't got a clue what that means. Or how to interpret it into how the settings are presented in The VictronConnect app for the mppt controller.

The sheet doesn't have any thing i can see about Equalisation either and no idea if its safe to do that on these.

I have them in parallel so running at 12v.

Is equalisation like reconditioning? to try and de-sulphur the plates?

Does the above "A" mean i set the max absorption time to 2h?

Thanks in Adv if you are able to provide any understanding that i clearly lack about charging batteries.



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set absorption to 14.4 and float to 13.5 that should cover you

these are AGM only flooded cells require equalisation

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