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Puzzled: What's the right way to setup a MultiPlus-II on ESS?

According to the ESS design and installation manual, in order to set up Multiplus-II for ESS, I have to use VEConfigure. Which I thought it has been replaced my VictronConnect. But you can't use VictronConnect to configure the grid country code. So I guess I will have to use VEConfigure then, right?

So, what are the settings that CANNOT be adjusted through VictronConnect or through a GX device or even through the VRM? Because all recent tutorials or training material focus on GX and VictronConnect and then occasionally shoot a VEConfigure screenshot, which is getting into my nerves.

Thanx for any insights.

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You cannot use Victron Connect to install any assistants currently. That is why all the manuals for each supported battery show how to set it with VE Config.

It is much easier to firmware update and set up three phase and parallel and all the basics with Victron Connect. So use that for the basics.

Then use VE Config to disable virtual switch and run the ESS assistant.

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Thanx for the reply Alexandra,

So, if I understand correctly, VEConfigure should be used to select the country grid code, disable the virtual switch and send the ESS assistant to the MultiPlus.

However, I am puzzled as to why Victron has not yet got into the trouble of putting together a ESS-specific assistant how-to, since they have ditched the different hub assistants they used to have and now focus solely on the ESS system. I have not been able to locate a comprehensive ESS how-to, focused on the initial settings, which makes the whole ESS installation manual kind of "under contruction". Trying to locate stuff on the manual results to "page moved" and screenshots of strange assistants on how-tos.

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There is currently an overhaul happening on the website.

So for some we were familiar with the old links, now need to move to the newer ones.

So really a work in progress.

ESS is easy though if you have a supported battery, they have their own specific setup pages, pretty much spelled out for you.

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Set up all the basics, then run the wizard, its fairly simple to do. You can even run it in demo mode and click through it without worrying about messing anything up.

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