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Basic Multiplus Relay Operation

I have a Multiplus 12v/3000/120 unit (and a BMV712 and MPPT 100/50 Solar Charge Controller).

The Multiplus Manual mentions 3 programmable relays with connections for K1, K2 and Alarm Relay. I want to simply turn off AC power output when the battery voltage is low and turn it back on when the battery voltage is high (i.e. excessive solar input)

1) Are these relay just low voltage/current outputs for a separate (power) contactor/relay to wire the AC output through?

2) Can the output be controlled "internally or programmed" so that I don't need to use the relays?

3) Can I set the SOC levels for this using the App for the BMV-712 or does that just control the relays of the BMV-712 itself? Do I need to download/install the VE Configure software?

4) Can the ACOut2 be set to be ON/OFF for SOC levels versus just for AC Inputs being connected or not?



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