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Changing ESS settings in 3-phase system


I'm working with VE Configure via the VE.Bus system configurator on 3x Multiplus-II in a 3-phase configuration, up and running fine.

It's very clear in manuals and videos that the ESS assistant must be uploaded to each unit. I ran the assistant, saved it to a file, uploaded to #1, then loaded that file before uploading to #2 and #3.

What is the procedure when updating settings in the ESS-assistant, such as Sustain-voltage, the dynamic cut-off curve etc. Is it enough to re-upload the assistant to #1 as a master, or do I need to go through and enter the same settings by running the assistant in VE Configure three times, once for each unit?

I get the sense that #1 acts as a master with regards to those settings. The file size for the assistant displayed in VE Configure is higher for #1 than for #2 and #3, and the only time I tried loading an updated ESS-file to then upload to #2 nothing happened indicating no changes had been made. I just want to check if I'm doing this right?

When a low battery alarm is triggered for example, only #1 will show a red light - correct behaviour?

(When changing settings in the other tabs, I always send to all three units)

ESS3 phase
2 |3000

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