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Venus 3.00~15 Linux 5.10.110 kernel bug? USB adapters constantly disconnecting

I'm having an intermittent but persistent problem with USB-attached VE.Direct devices dropping out on the Raspberry Pi on Venus 3.00~15. It will work for a while (minutes, maybe hours) but eventually one or more of the devices will show as 'disconnected' in the Victron console and dbus until I unplug and reattach the USB serial adapter (generic/PL2303). I can also do a software reset of the USB hub device to wake it up.

I find others describing the same kind of intermittent failure, e.g. this post:

Tried a couple different Pi boards with no luck, and it seems to happen to all three of my USB dongles equally. I also checked the power supply has adequate current and adjusted it to 5.1V. With devices disconnected I checked for any voltage differences between grounds but don't find any reason to suspect a ground loop. So, basically I'm leaning away from a hardware problem at this point.

In my case I see the following error when a USB device drops out:

Jan 23 22:24:10 raspberrypi2 user.err kernel: [248741.182617] pl2303 ttyUSB1: usb_serial_generic_read_bulk_callback - urb stopped: -32

More digging based on that error leads me to RPI OS users reporting the same problem affecting USB-attached devices, especially PL2303 and FTDI serial adapters. Eventually most of these threads lead back to the one below. This thread concludes with a kernel bug being identified that was fixed in late September 2022.

In Venus 3.00~15 it looks like we are still on a 5.10.110 kernel from April 2022 which definitely predates this patch. The current 5.10 kernel is 5.10.163. I couldn't find the commit in the change log for 5.10 so I'm not sure exactly when they picked it up, but i do see it in the 5.15 train.

Maybe the Venus devs could take a look and see if this is something worth taking up?


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I have the same problem.

Is there any news / fix ?

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