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Different measures of power, multiplus II and smartshunt


yesterday I realised that there was a huge different of power between the measured power from multiplus II and smartshunt, but the strangest is today I check that if I choose multiplus 2 like battery monitor the measured power is almost the same, but if we choose smartshunt the difference is appreciable enough, the load is the same in both examples.


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The maths is a bit off in the first screenshot.

54.70v x 80.3a = 4392w.

4392w is a lot closer to 4269w though.

Dunno where 4802w figure came from.

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nuxland avatar image nuxland klim8skeptic ♦ commented ·
When I tested my system (I have Lynx Shunt) I figured out this:

Then Lynx Shunt is showing DC power but Multi is showing AC power (event it displays voltage and ampers, that are in DC side, the power it shows are in AC side).

And thats why you can not compare one power to another :)

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