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SOC drops fast while AC input is active

Hello, this morning the SOC value of my 2x Victron lithium batteries 25,6V/200Ah dropped from 78,5% to almost 0% out of the blue. See the following graphs;



For the last few weeks the system was running in ESS #1 and ESS #2 mode because off less sun shine. Is there some algorithm that forces the battery to discharge almost completely after some time when the battery is not enough recharged?

Thanks in advantage for answering.

ESSLithium BatterySOC
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More information please.

The dip looks like it happened when there was a sudden demand, so fails when power assist happened. So they possibly switched off then on again.

Check the cell balance.

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@Alexandra thanks for your answer, i cant see that there was a sudden demand for power on the AC-out, see the following graph;

The output power is constantly around the 550 W, the Victron Quattro is situated before all the connected users / devices.

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The DC voltage was also very low see graph;

soc-drop-5.jpgEvery night the DC voltage did get lower for the past 7 days..

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You may need to set it to keep batteries charged for a bit.

Have you seen the system go into sustain at all?

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