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Are there any Moderators or Admins on this site?

Having issues with this site and cannot log into my account. See below for the message I posted last week.


Unable to Reset My Victron Community Password


I could not log into this community via my iPhone and requested a password reset via the "reset password" link at the login prompt. The server sent me a one-time-use password reset link to my email. The link goes to a 404 "Page Not Found" message. No further options. If I use the link again, I get a somewhat expected "This validation token does not exist." message. This has occurred multiple times. I was able to get logged back in temporarily by repeating the process on a Win10 PC, but I was still never presented with a way to reset my password to something of my choosing. I have not found any way to contact the site administrators.

What am I doing wrong?


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