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Grid relay error - everything checked and still cause problem

Hi I have problems with 3 phase instalation with 3 x multiplus II 3000 VA.

On off grid mode everything works fine but when mains is on cause error 11.

Below more details please help to indificate what cause a problem:



Multiplus-IIRelayerror 11
2 |3000

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Did this work fine before or is this a new installation and it has done this from the start?

These are the documented recommendations:

Other shown error details, listed below, are not related to any known installation issue and can be caused by a faulty unit or configuration issue. In any case, also when one of below errors shows, make sure to go through all the above steps for any error 11 issue.

  • Failing steps #2-7.

  • Communication error.

  • UMains mismatch.

  • Period Time mismatch.

  • Drive of BF relay mismatch.

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mk1 avatar image mk1 nickdb ♦♦ commented ·
But How Can i fix it ?

PV inverter works fine on this grid on EN505

So multiplus is broken ?

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Alexandra avatar image Alexandra ♦ mk1 commented ·


Follow the steps for troubleshooting in the manual. To determine if your wiring has an issue or not.

The PV inverter working is not a good indicator. Also answering whether this is a new install or not as @nickdb asked would help?

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