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Smartshunt (BMV712) with two MPPT 150/35

Hi all,

I am running two MPPT 150/35 in parallel one a 24V system with a 500V Smartshunt. These three Victron devices all show up correctly in the VictronConnect app. (I did also add these three to one network via the network so they are supposed to communicate via bluetooth).

Now comes the issue: When only one MPPT is active (the other deactivated via the app), the readings of the shunt seem to match the MPPT readings (as well as the BMS readings), however as soon as both MPPTs are active, the readings of the shunt are all over the place, jumping from positive to minus readings and showing pure nonsense while the BMSmatches the sum of both MPPT readings, so these seem to work just fine.

Anyone had this issue before?

I tried to set the network up again which did not help, I also think this should not realte to the issue at all.

My distributor did not react thus far which is why I thought I might try here.

Thanks a lot in advance!

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