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MultiPlus-II 48/3000/35-32 Max Output current on ACout1

Can somebody explain to me what is the max current for MultiPlus-II 48/3000/35-32 on AC-out-1 (230V) when only DC battery is connected - no ACin from Generator ?

As for my understanding goes the AC-out-1 current draw should not exceed (2400W / 230V) 10 amps ?

If a 10kW generator (limited to max 32A) is connected and running, is then the max current on AC-out-1 10 Amps + 32 Amps = 42Amps, or am I missunderstanding the logic and the max current on AC-out-1 is still 10 Amps and 32 Amps on AC-out-2 ?

I understand that the DC max current is 35 Amps (35A x 48V = 1680W to charging the battery).

What happens when i connect two Multi's in parallel ? What max Amps can I then have on AC-out-1 and with what max Amps can I then charge my battery bank ?

I have a SimpBMS connected to Venus GX and two Tesle 6S modules in series (12S) with Smart Solar 150/70 TR for solar.


Multiplus-IIinverter current draw
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