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Multiplus 3000 inverter turning off then back on repeatedly

I installed my multiplus 3000 over 2 years ago and has worked perfectly.

a few days ago the inverter switched to OFF on its own then restarted and back to ON.

it was only off for about 30 seconds to a minute.

We are connected to shore power on a 30 amp connection and i have the input set to 26amps

Last night it happened again at 4am, it turned OFF then ON again 6 times over a 40 minute period.

I downloaded the info from the VRM and it shows the VEBUS switching to OFF.

At the time of the shut down we had no excessive loads, only about 900 watts from the refigerator.

I turned the fridge to propane, which brought the load down to about 300 watts.

the inverter shut down again

We have a southwire surge guard 50amp surge protector built in, it had no alerts or alarms while on shore power.

Looking at the data, in shore power was consistently 122 v and 60 hz

I cut off the shore power to see what would happen on inverter/battery power alone.

the system worked perfectly and no shutdowns while on inverter alone.

Looking at the VRM data several of the chart have weird spikes and valleys

Please look at the vrm data below, I have no idea why this is happening

Our system


Victron Multiplus 3000 12 Volt Inverter


Battleborn Lithium 100ah 12 volt batteries x 4

50 Amp Connection to RV Panel

AM Solar - Smart Phase Selector to allow feed to both sides of 50 amp


Victron Color Control GX Display

Solar Controller

Victron Smart Solar Charge Controller MPPT 150/100 - TR

Battery Monitor

BVM 712 Smart Battery Monitor

Solar Panels Watts VMP VOC IMP ISC
New Powa 200-24V 200 34 40.46 5.88 6.23

Panel Mounts

AM Solar Rocker Mounts

Combiner Box

AM Solar C-Box and Heyco liquid tight strail relief for 10/2 round cable

Solar Panel Cable

10 gauge duplex round cable with UV resistant jacket

Combiner Box to Charge controller cable

2 gauge duplex 2/2 cable

Battery Cable

4/0 Red and Black Welding Cable with 4/0 - 3/8th lugs


400 Amp Fuse between battery and invetrter and 12v loads

VE configure settings


VRM screens last 6 hours

See all the activity from 3:42 to when i cut off the shore power at 4:09



1669027713926.pngThis spreadsheet from the VRM download shows the inverter going off 6 times from 3:45 to 4:05


The inverter has been running perfectly off of inverter/batttery since i shut off shore power

Please help with any reasons why this would happen

multiplus ve.bus
1669025879208.png (175.4 KiB)
1669027692049.png (371.9 KiB)
1669027713926.png (279.8 KiB)
1669027814978.png (310.6 KiB)
1669028331688.png (560.2 KiB)
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dmc-solar answered ·

Can anybody help me with this, i posted it a week ago and so far nobody was able to help explain this issuse.

thanks Larry

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So what batteries are you using?

First off the charts show a discrepancy between the bmv voltage reading and the multi - the latter is much lower, charted down to 11V (graphs aren't granular so in reality it could be lower).

Your cutoff voltage is 10.5V.

Both DC charts show voltage decay so it looks like the battery voltage is dropping under whatever load there is.

You need to check your wiring and connections to see why the multi has a much higher voltage drop, if you get to the bottom of this it should stabilise.

I would attach a marked up image but this site seems to have issues with attachments at the moment.

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