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ESS - MPPT gets disabled

Hello all,

I have a small solar system with buffer battery:

1 x solar cell 410 W

1x SmartSolar MPPT 100/20

1x SamartShunt 500A/50mV

1x Battery 12V 28Ah

1x MultiPlus 12/800/35

Everything is connected to a RaspberryPi with VictronOS via USB cable

2x Ve.Direct to the SmartSolar and SmartShunt

1x Ve.Bus to the MultiPlus


ESS is selected as configuration on the MultiPlus and DC power supply.

Connected on the MultiPlus:
AC input - Grid supply
AC output - continuous load of approx. 200-400W


The following problem has now come up:
When the SmartSolar is connected to the Raspberry, it switches to state: externally controlled and shuts down. If at all 5W - 20W come through. If I disconnect the VD.Direct and restart the SmartSolar, it delivers the full PV power.

Does anyone have an idea?

If desired, I can also provide RemoteDesktop (AnyDesk) if someone wants to look at it.

Many thanks in advance.

I am grateful for any idea! ;)

MPPT ControllersESSMPPT SmartSolarSmartShunt
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Alexandra avatar image Alexandra ♦ commented ·

How have you programmed float/absorption etc on the system?

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brenner-d avatar image brenner-d Alexandra ♦ commented ·
Via the ESS Assistant of the Multiplus, but the settings there are not like the Battery Settings in the MPPT if you configure it there
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Alexandra avatar image Alexandra ♦ brenner-d commented ·
I am assuming you are running a load, so are expecting the mppt to wake up for that. Does your battery need to be charged at this point?

So confirmed that the battery settings are the same on all the devices for charged voltages (multiplus and mppt)?

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brenner-d avatar image brenner-d Alexandra ♦ commented ·
I have configured the Multiplus via VEConfig and there via the ESS Assistant. But the Values that you privide during the setup there are not the same as you can setup in the MPPTs for Batteries.

I am running a load 200-400W the problem is that the MPPTs are outputting 0W if they are connected.

As I read and think is, that the ESS will manage the states and no more the MPPTs so the settings in the MPPTs are getting overwritten? As the states of the are managed by external or so.

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matt1309 avatar image matt1309 brenner-d commented ·

I believe you're right and the battery settings such as absorption/float etc within charger tab in veconfig override the settings within mppt. Which I agree could be the cause of your issues. A few other settings to check (imagine you already have).

In cerbo/venus os go to settings->ESS->grid feed and make sue its enabled.

Ive also had issues in the last where mppt exports then turns itself off and repeats, if you have that turning on svs share voltage in dvcc fixed that for me.

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Alexandra avatar image Alexandra ♦ matt1309 commented ·

If you have your grid set point higher than your base loads, it will pull from the grid not use the mppts.

If you have permission to feedback and have not turned on feedbcak from dc then they will also do nothing, as the system is not set to tell it to do something.

They are under external control (so unless you have your pv wiring reverse polarity) they will work.

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brenner-d avatar image brenner-d brenner-d commented ·
What I forgot, even if there is no load the MPPTs should operate at full power as I feeding excessive power back to grid
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