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BMV712 smart Solar AH input readout issues

Hi guys, bit of background before my question:

I have recently installed the BMV712 smart monitor with a Projecta dcdc charger with the solar input of the charger hard wired to a Anderson plug connector.

On plugging the solar in to charge the system after discharging 10-12ah overnight, i notice the solar input reading does not go above 1.75ah, on some if not most occasions this readout still reads in the negative (with Engel fridge running 24/7) even with solar connected (full onobstructed sun).

Before connecting solar, the monitor does note the battery capacity around the 95% mark while also noting the ah drawn overnight too so the monitor the monitor seems to be working fine with every other readout, current ah consumption, 24hr period etc. etc. but for some reason it doesn't pick up the solar current input...

I know the solar is working and charging the system as after 30 or so minutes the battery capacity readout shows the system back to full 100% charge, and an INF reading on AH remaining.... with the Projecta charger and panel readout also noting solar input is charging...

It just seems odd that i can see the solar panels are charging the system, and they provide more than enough power for what is plugged in and being consumed, however the ah consumption figure doesnt reflect, and can actually sometimes read in the negative even though it is fully charged and solar is still plugged in...

2 questions:

a) is this likely to be a bad earth connection on the Negative earth wire from the Anderson Plug causing interference with the monitor readout?

b) when solar is plugged in and providing power to the battery throughout the day, should i see the ah figure being supplied always in the positive, even if the battery readout is at 100% charged, or when i hit 100% will this figure continue to read 0, until such time as the battery has dropped charge below this rate?

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can you provide picture of the installation?

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As Boekel has requested a picture or even better a wiring diagram of HOW its all setup would also be helpfull

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