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Any plans to change minimum input current limits on multiplus 2

As the title suggests, does victron have any plans to change (lower) the minimum input current limit for the multiplus 2? I have 2 of the 24/3000/70-50 2x120 installed in parallel in my RV (in the us) and the lowest I am able to set the input current combined between the 2 units is 18.6. On occasion I do plug into a 20 amp outlet which of course is limited to 16 amps. (This scenario can actually be quite common in the us, especially when parked at relatives driveway for a visit) Also I would like to be able to run from my little Honda in a pinch if the onboard Genny takes a dump. The Honda is limited to 13.8 amps. I realize I can disable the power assist and set the current limit lower, but that defeats the whole purpose of being able to run larger loads through the inverters from limited shore power.

What say you Victron?

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Hi @derrick thomas

This may already have happened. The list appears to have been updated on 2022-08-24, and what appears to be your unit is shown as..


No it doesn't say '2x120V', but the closest match I could find. I haven't noticed any explanation of changes, but is likely related to firmware updates.

If you want to check, this info is available on Victron Professional Firmware section (signin needed), as well as firmware changelogs. These are .xlsx and .docx files, so you'll need a suitable reader.

But you may find a firmware update to your Multi will improve things. Fingers crossed for you..

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My units are multiplus 2's. I have looked at that chart you mention before. The closest model on the list to what I have is the 2780 (2780 is a 12v unit mine are 24, all other specs are the same)

It lists the minimum input current as 9.5. 2 units paralleled would be 19. I am already running latest firmware.

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