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Orion-Tr smart 12/24-15 low power output?

Hi everyone, I have a Victron Orion tr smart, 12 to 24v dc to dc charger fitted in my camper van, since fitting it I’ve never seen it output the rated power. I have a 360w output model, but the most I have seen is 310w (when stone cold), usually sits at around 280w after a few minutes of use. ( 20-30% below it’s rating )

I’ve heard it should output 400w untill it reaches 25 degrees, once there it should sit at 360w ? And only reduce power output once it starts getting too warm ?

Currently in Norway where there is minimal solar input so I’m really wanting the most out the dc-dc charger, can anyone advise?

For reference I have a 24v 200AH lifePo4 battery bank, 770w of solar and a MPP solar all in on inverter / MPPT charge controller.

The orion is fitted in a well ventilated cupboard with additional fans to help with air flow, the wire runs to and from the unit are under 1m so no issues with voltage drop etc…

The vehicle has a large alternator (180-220amp)

all help appreciated, thanks in advance

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