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Victron 3-Phase ESS with 3 x Fronius Primo - Settings confirmation

I'd like to confirm the correct settings for a 3-Phase Victron ESS solution which includes:
3 x Victron Quattro 48/8000 Inverters
3 x Fronius Primo 5.0-1 PV Inverter (1-per phase on the AC-Out1 of each Quattro)
Carlo Gavazzi ET340 Grid Meter
Victron Cerbo GX
Generator & Grid Connection
Fronius Zero-Feed in function to be utilized.

Question 1: When setting up the ESS assistant on the Master inverter, should the inverter power and panel power input parameters on the ESS assistant of the Master Quattro Inverter be for a single Fronius Primo 5.0-1 inverter and associated PV array, i.e. 5kW of PV inverter power, OR for the sum off all the inverters, i.e. 15kW of PV inverter power and the associated total PV array capacity?

Question 2: Should the Fronius Inverters be setup in Daisychain, i.e. a Fronius Solar NET Communication Loop OR should all of the inverters (Datamanager cards) be left in MASTER configuration?

Thank you in advance.

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Q1, I always do the sum of all, as if you were using Fronius symo instead ( 3 phase ) you would write it as the full amount, you wouldn’t split it per phase. As long as you’re not breaking the 1 to 1 rule it shouldn’t matter to much I don’t think, anyways if it’s not acceptable to input in the 15 KW in the assistant settings it should go red.

Q2 , I would configure them in daisy chain, as you can still designate them individually to the output once found by the cerbo, again that’s how I usually Do it , not sure how it goes running multiple masters and or if the comms has any issues. Doing that.

hope this helps.

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oh and make sure the assistant goes in all THREE of the quattros , same setting in all.
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