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Multiplus II connected to AC Mains

Hi Everyone,

I have a room that has several servers. We have an unstable power supply so I am looking for a backup/substitute power supply). Keen to have some feedback on my design.

1 x Multiplus II 48/3000/35-32 as a charger / inverter.

4 x 120Ah AGM Batteries (This is a start, will expand the battery bank)

1 x Smart Solar MPPT Solar Charge Controller.

1 x Venus GX

4 x Solar Panels

Note: Wattage and size of units I will look at after this phase.

I plan to connect the MPPT Solar Charge Controller to the battery bank and have my solar substitute the AC input as well as maintain my batteries. This will be managed by the Venus GX.

What I need to know is, can I connect the Multiplus II's AC INPUT to a standard 230V AC Wall socket, connecting the live to the live, neutral to the neutral and the earth to the earth and basically use this setup as a big UPS? The wall sockets are limited to 20A and the master input is 60A. And I do not want to feed power back into the grid.

Or does this unit need to be wired in before my distribution board to at all operate?

Looking forward to your feedback.



Multiplus-IIAC PV Coupling
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Hi K. It can certainly function as a ups. But it doesn't come with an input plug, and the output(s) really should go through breaker(s) to your loads. With due earthing/men considerations.

Take a look at how Victron do this in their combined 'Easy' box: It's really just a combo unit with all the kit onboard that you're likely after (the mppt may be too large for your needs, but price it out separately anyway).

I use an Easy 5000, and it replaced my distribution board. But I confess my 'ac input' wends it's way over 20m of household grade wiring to a 15A genny plug.

Depends what you really want to do..

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Perfect thanks. I will make up a AC cable, similar to a normal appliance, that I will be attaching to the AC Input. The circuit breakers is a must and I will be putting in a new DB for it :)


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