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BlueSolar 75/10 Malfunction?


I have a had a BlueSolar 75/10 in my camper van (VW T4 Westfalia) for four years now, and up to now it has worked really well. Solar panel is 60w.

However, on a recent trip I was on a campsite - sunny day, had driven some distance, and on electric hookup - and I noticed the voltage display was flashing and reading 15.1v. Previously, in these circumstances the display would have registered float voltage (13.8v, occasionally 13.9v or rarely 14.0v). I was concerned about overcharging the battery so I disconnected the hook up, but the 15.1v soon returned. The battery itself wasn't warm, but I wasn't taking any chances, so I disconnected the Victron for the rest of the trip. No further problems (i.e. 13.8v/13.9v on hookup, lots of charge from the split charge relay), leading me to believe that the Victron could be faulty.

Now I've returned home, and the days are less sunny (and no hookup), I've reconnected the Victron and it's steadily building up (13.3v at the moment from 12.9v a couple of days ago).

Is there an issue with the Victron, or is the flashing 15.1v something I can ignore, as maybe the battery is absolutely at full charge and the Victron has cut out?

Grateful for any help/advice!

BlueSolar PWM
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What are you using for the 15V reading?

But if the Solar controller is causing the problem, it needs to go back to the dealer. There is a 5 year warranty.

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Thanks for your reply. It's the Westfalia central electronics display. I know it's accurate as it's always consistent with multimeter readings.

Do you think I should return the Victron to the dealer? It seems pretty clear that the 220v charger isn't at fault.

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