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Replacing CCGX


I had a client where they replace his CCGX like 5 months back. He had 2 sites, the old site and the new site. From the looks of it they already have done the replace CCGX function but data was still not showing from the old CCGX on the new unit. When I went to the OLD site it show the ID - old that indicates it have been replace. I have try to redo it but it indicate that the site have already been transferred. I have reboot the display to make sure that the process have been followed as the instruction. So all what it could mean is that the old site needs to be removed.

I have removed the site that have indicated ID - Old.

It seems all the old data is been lost and only new data shows but the display was not communicating.

I re-added the display where it start to communicate but now as a new site.

Or I have messed up completely or it might be the reason the team that have replace the CCGX haven't removed the old site as the new one does not indicate the data?

Need some assistance.

CCGX Color Control
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Hi Willem, I'll ask a colleague to contact you and look into this. You'll hear from them.

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I'm experiencing the same issue of two installations. I had a faulty controller and had to replace. I however did not remove the old profile, but now still have the two profile for installations. I have tried multiple methods of combining them without success.

Could someone assist me with this?

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Hi Trevor,

Please go through the official route for this, see support page on our website.

Thank you and I‘m sure its resolved soon. Matthijs

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