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Assistant for generator cooldown

I will soon be installing 2 MP2 2x120 in parallel and a cerbo gx along with a few other components. I intend to use the generator start stop function on relay 1 in the cerbo and am contemplating using the relay from the cerbo in series with the aux input on the master mp2 in conjunction with an assistant using flag to ignore ac input to provide generator cooldown before shutting down. MP2 master Aux relay output would be controlled by the assistant to start and stop the generator based on the mp2 aux input value being switched by the cerbo relay. My question is...would I need to load the assistant on both the master and slave mp2's or would the slave unit simply follow the master in regards to the ac input switching on and off as the assistant specifies state? Hope that makes sense.

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Paralelled MP's operate as a single unit and the assistant runs on the master I think.... I could be wrong but in the context of this answer it is irrelevent.

Have you considdered running Large OS with Node Red on the Cerbo GX.

This will give you far greater flexibility with respect to how you make th system behave. Reducing the charge current to 0 is possible as is reducing the AC input current limit, all be it only down to 4A.

Either strategy would cool a hot generatoe and yu will also have control of any switched outputs you have.

Asside from the added flexibility and almost unlimmited logic posibilities, using Node red as opposed to assistants allows you to reconfigure/tweak on the fly without having to restart the inverter and also take manual control if needs be.

I have simmilar stuff in place and have removed all assistants now, doing everything in Node Red.

I realise this isnt answering you question, sorry, but thought it worth putting out there given how wll it works.

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I have already determined to go with the large os and play around with node red but I am no programmer and not sure how I would incorporate a cooldown process into the cerbo generator control. Although the mp2 assistant is not easily configurable on the fly it is pretty straight forward to setup initially and I don't really see a need to change it once installed. Of course it will require additional wiring to use it but that doesn't scare me.
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