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BlueNova LiFePo4 Batteries with non VE direct MPPT and no ESS on Multiplus

GOOD DAY, I have a Multiplus 3000/24/70-50; Serial Number : 11200700318.and a bluesolar MPPT 150/70.

I intend installing the Blue Nova LiFePo4 Batteries.

The questions I have:

1.The ESS assistant is not available on this ver of multiplus. So I currently use flags\general flags on the current setup.

What would the settings be for the LiFeP04 batteries?

2.the MPPT does not have a VE direct port and connects via VE Can. I do have a colour controller.

Will this setup work on the Blue Nova, that is connecting the MPPT to the CCGX via Canbus?

Please assist

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I recommend contacting BlueNova directly - they are very helpful. Ph. +2721 205 2000

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Hi, Thanks, i sent the, an email as well

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Murray van Graan answered ·

The settings for Bluenova are:

Absorption 56.2v

Float 55.5v

Low voltage cut out 49v

Inverter restart 53v

Low voltage alarm 50v

As for the two running on the same CANBus I don’t know, both the CanBus charger and bluenova run at 250kbps, so at least you don’t have conflicting CanBus speeds. Best would be to try it, I have some of both in stock and can run a test and see? Alternatively, swop out the CanBus MPPT for one with

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Hi Murraunated, thanks for the prompt response.

I don't have the batteries yet to test, would be great if you can do a test?

Also, regarding using the older Multiplus that cannot run the ESS assistant, would there be any issues from using flags, would you know?

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